Kevin Pflum
Thanks for visiting my website. I am a senior economist at Bates White, LLC in Washington, D.C., where I have been since early summer 2016. Prior to this position I was an assistant professor in the department of economics, finance, and legal studies at the University of Alabama, where I have been since the fall of 2011. I primarily tought undergraduates and MBA students, but also taught a Ph.D. level course on industrial organization on a couple occasions. My research and case work primarily involves economic and legal issues in the industrial organization of health markets. I have research examining the impact of system membership on a hospital’s bargaining power vis-a-vis MCOs, the impact of out-of-market acquisitions on hospital reimbursement prices, and the impact of local market competition on service quality. I have also worked on cases involving hospital monopolization and insurer mergers.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and two sons, photography, and, whenever I have the time, cycling. As our oldest boy is now an extremely energetic toddler and out youngest is only a couple months old, however, it doesn’t look like I can expect to get much additional time any time soon!